Monday, January 16, 2012

Giddy up!

Don't you love it when you occasionally find things that are so creative and unique that make you admire so the creator behind them and the wonderful inspiration driving them? It is the feeling that taste and imagination is not a thing of the past and in a dull and commercially led market creations that make a difference are still possible! Well, at least that is how I feel when I come across such special and beautifully made stuff. Giddy Giddy felt clips and cute little pouches are one of those stunning little collections you immediately fall in love with!

Reflecting the quirky and imaginative nature of little girls, Giddy Giddy hair clips are hand-stitched by creator Teri Dimalanta whose passion for crafts and a need to tame her little girl's unruly mohawk led to this adorable collection. Each little Giddy Giddy hair clip is a beautiful little creation unto itself! Simply adorable!

Through her blog, Teri also shares her journal of inspiration and creativity posting amazingly cute DIY handmade arts and crafts! Be sure to check it out here

At the same time, through her unique creations Teri's goal is also to to provide a sustainable income for her family back in the Philippines and help women around the world gain funding to kick start their own dreams through microlending via Kiva!

Check out Giddy Giddy cute creations available at MBC!

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