Thursday, January 26, 2012

Press to Impress

One of the most interesting magazines in Greece "Talk" hosts MBC! in its January issue. "Talk" addresses new parents with incredible articles on the art of parenting practiced in cool and unconventional ways!

MBC! mascot, little Bebigio, poses and gives readers his most special little frown signing off our first ad.
AjoBebe's fabulous Blue Cupcake Travel Duo is also featured in full page showcasing how even the most "dirty" tasks a new mom has to bare, such as changing, can be done in the most exquisite style! The "Talk" ad was also posted in AjoBebe's press section depicting how Greece loves their one-of-a-kind, hip accessories!

AjoBebe's gorgeous urban designs can be found only at MBC! Check them out and make your order among its amazing collection now!

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